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News & Notes

If 5,000 of us join the 5 for Life Club, we’ll be able to speak to more than half a million people between now and Election Day. This is no small number and could be the difference between a Nebraska that chooses life or a Nebraska that adopts a culture of abortion.

When the Nebraska Legislature passed the Opportunity Scholarships Act in 2023, we became the 49th state in the nation to adopt a school choice program. In just under a year later, we have made another major stride on the school choice front. This new school choice legislation is another major step forward for Nebraska’s children and parents, to ensure they have more opportunities to choose an education that best fits their needs.

We are excited for the passage and signing into law of LB857. We thank Sen. Dungan and Sen. Bosn for their leadership on their respective bills and for the overwhelming support of the Nebraska Legislature, as well as the governor’s signing LB857 into law.

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