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Bearing the Light of Christ in the public square. Learn more and get involved.

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In sum: our existence is pure gift, for which we owe gratitude. We are made in God’s image, therefore bearing great dignity, and are destined for unity with Him, which is in our power to accept. We are a unity of body and soul, neither of which is accidental. We are individual persons, but we are also radically dependent at every moment on God, others, and creation, and we have duties to all of them. We know who we are and where we ought to be going.

There are five categories of action that current pro-life leaders should take to embrace and develop the next generation of leaders, our young pro-life activists: recruitment, delegating responsibilities, development and training, welcoming new ideas, and creating leadership opportunities.

On Oct. 1, the Feast of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the Catholic Church in the United States begins its annual Respect Life campaign. This campaign helps Catholics “understand and value the gift of human life and help build a culture that cherishes and protects it.”

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