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Bearing the Light of Christ in the public square. Learn more and get involved.

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Catholic schools must be places where parents are known, respected, and valued. Their input helps shape the community. Likewise, parents must engage and hold the school accountable to the Church’s mission. As a Catholic school educator for 20 years, I can attest that our schools live lean and mean; they need a little bit of everything to run well. Parents should present whatever gifts they have, and schools should put them good use!

On March 29, the Holy See’s Congregation of Catholic Education blessed us with the publication of “The Identity of the Catholic School for a Culture of Dialog” (called “The Identity” in this article from this point forward). This document is filled with rich and important teachings. In this column I will lay a foundational summary of the document. In my next column I will share ideas of to implement its teachings in our Catholic school communities.

As we have continually encouraged Catholics across the state, please pay attention to these races, do your research, inform your conscience, and take the opportunity to vote in these races, as well as other state and local races on your ballot.

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