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Bearing the Light of Christ in the public square. Learn more and get involved.

News & Notes

The staff at the NCC reviews every single piece of legislation which is introduced. We look at all these bills and determine whether they pertain to our major subject matter areas of concern: life and human dignity; marriage and family; education; social and human development; and the church as an institution.

The NCC desires to bear the Light of Jesus Christ. We work so that His light may overcome the darkness of the world, a darkness that hides the injustices and inequalities which abound in this life. And we do not to hide it under a bushel basket, but we bring the Light directly into the public square for all the world, especially our lawmakers, to see.

Christ, Hope for Humanity. While Christ invites us to suffer with Him and enter into His redemptive work, the burdens and evils of this world were not meant for us to shoulder. From the outset of salvation history, God the Father has promised the Messiah to atone for our sinfulness (see Genesis 3:15).

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