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America’s largest abortion provider and out-of-state interests are leading an effort to create a right to late-pregnancy abortion in the Nebraska Constitution. You’re needed to defeat this effort.

In November 2023, well-funded abortion groups certified constitutional amendment language with the Nebraska Secretary of State to create a right to late-pregnancy abortion in the Nebraska Constitution. Abortion activists are currently gathering signatures across Nebraska to put the issue before voters in November of 2024. Nebraskans need to know how this proposal is dangerous, deceptive, and demeaning, why it must be opposed, and how we can defeat it.

In March 2024, an alternative pro-life ballot initiative, Protect Women & Children, was launched by medical professionals, to help defeat the pro-abortion proposal. Learn more about this alternative pro-life ballot initiative here.

What You Need To Know

The proposed pro-abortion ballot initiative uses vague, subtle language to deceive Nebraskans and allow unrestricted abortions in our state constitution. Among many other problematic consequences, this amendment would:

  • Eliminate 50 years of health and safety protections for women and girls from unsafe abortions;
  • Allow teenagers to access abortion without their parent’s knowledge;
  • Create a right to risky late-pregnancy abortion.

This proposal is dangerous. It’s deceptive. It’s demeaning. It is too extreme for Nebraska.

View the full breakdown of the proposed language in the "Where Does It Say That?" one-pager, and see exactly how this proposal is dangerous, deceptive, and demeaning by reading our "Explaining the Pro-Abortion Ballot Initiative" one-pager.

Pro-Life in 7 Minutes Podcast

Check out the Pro-Life in 7 Minutes Podcast to learn how to have conversations about all things pro-life. This podcast has recently launched two episodes specific to the pro-abortion ballot initiative happening in Nebraska right now.

Take Action

Every Nebraskan is needed to protect the life and dignity of women, girls, and babies by defeating this effort. Using your unique talents and strengths, look over the following action items to figure out what your role in this historical moment looks like.

  • Pray and Fast
    • Add the defeat of this effort to your daily prayer intentions, rosaries, holy hours, or Mass intentions. Consider joining our Core Prayer Team.
  • Speak Up
    • Commit to talking to three to five people within your circle of influence each week about this morally evil pro-abortion initiative. Whether it is a fellow pro-lifer who needs to be involved in efforts to defeat the pro-abortion ballot proposal, or a close friend who is on the fence about the issue of abortion, you can use the provided flyers to have informed, productive conversations about why this initiative is dangerous, deceptive, demeaning, and too extreme for Nebraska.
  • Sign Up
  • Host a Parish Talk
  • Share Social Media Graphics
    • Spread the word and start a conversation with a few clicks by sharing the following social media graphics. These graphics are meant to be shared either individually, or in a complete series. Please tag the Nebraska Catholic Conference in your posts on Facebook (@Nebraska Catholic Conference) or Instagram (@nebraskacatholic). Please note that item #6 should only be shared in a series format, never by itself. To download a graphic 1) on your computer, just 'right click' and 'Save File As' or 2) on your phone, just hold down on the image and save the file.

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