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LB364, then, provides a clear opportunity for children from early childhood all the way through high school to find an educational setting that is best for them. This legislation provides clear opportunities for Nebraskans—like you and me—to make contributions to our education system, so that our state can continue to thrive not only for today but for generations to come.

As legislative debate is underway, I want to point out some priority bills the Nebraska Catholic Conference (NCC) is supporting.

As the Nebraska Legislature’s website states, a priority bill is a “bill that has priority status and is generally considered ahead of other bills in debate.” Another way to understand it is the following: the Legislature only has limited time to consider legislation and, since it can’t debate every bill that has been introduced, a priority bill is one a Senator or Committee thinks is so important that it should be considered before all other non-prioritized legislation.

Catholics at the Capitol is the Nebraska Catholic Conference’s annual legislative advocacy day. Our goal is to educate, equip, and engage Catholics to protect human dignity and advance the common good in Nebraska.

The State Legislature has been in all-day committee hearings for a month now, quickly moving through the 700-plus legislative bills and constitutional amendment resolutions introduced during the first 10 days of the session.

To provide another snapshot the NCC’s daily activities, I’d like to highlight last week’s legislation we lobbied during the committee hearing process. The issues ran the spectrum of Catholic social teaching.

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