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Join the ‘5 for Life Club’

We need your help to make a tangible impact against the pro-abortion ballot initiative in Nebraska. So, how can you do this? Join our recently launched “5 for Life Club”!

Together, we can defeat the dangerous, deceptive, and demeaning pro-abortion ballot initiative. This can be done through meaningful conversations that matter and expose the extreme nature of the ballot measure.

The plan is simple: each week, we challenge you to reach out to just five new people.

Imagine the ripple effect if each of us talked to five or more new individuals each week about the pro-abortion ballot initiative and why it is bad for Nebraska. Our voices can echo throughout our communities, sparking conversations, changing minds, and transforming hearts. This is an incredible time to be a disciple and evangelist for the Gospel of Life that calls us to speak up for women, girls, and babies who are at risk of a predatory abortion industry.

These conversations are about real human lives.

When you talk to five new people a week, you’re planting seeds that can flourish into meaningful change. It might be hard to believe, but you have the power to make a difference right where you are with this low-effort, but high impact effort.

The first step in this effort is very simple: take a moment to turn to God, and ask for His help to identify five new people you can speak to this week about the pro-abortion ballot initiative.

Maybe it’s a colleague, neighbor, family member, fellow parishioner, or even just a stranger you meet in the checkout line of the grocery store. No matter who, your conversation could be the turning point for them.

When we think about being an evangelist for the Gospel of Life, we can look to the example of St. Paul the Apostle. St. Paul made three missionary journeys to spread the message of the love of Jesus Christ. He visited community after community, spending time with God’s people, and letting them know the saving power of the Gospel.

Like St. Paul, we have a chance to go on missionary journeys within our own community. We can go from house to house, meeting to meeting, social gathering to social gathering, and proclaim the beauty of human dignity. We can spread the message that no woman, girl, or baby should be subjected to a predatory abortion industry that is seeking to gain a further foothold in our state through the pro-abortion ballot initiative.

But just like St. Paul, we need the courage and grace from Jesus Christ to engage in this battle.

This is precisely why we are calling you to stop and pray, and ask God who He is pointing you to speak with.

If you are afraid you don’t have the words, don’t be afraid.

First of all, go to There you can find our ballot initiatives webpages which include our “one-pagers.” These one-page items are brief summaries of the pro-abortion ballot initiative, and they can give you all the information you need to learn and discuss the dangers of the pro-abortion effort.

Second of all, the Holy Spirit is with you. You are a baptized Christian, with the grace of Confirmation and all the other Sacraments at your service. The Holy Spirit will come to you as an advocate and provide you the words you need to speak the truth about the inestimable value of human life and how we can protect women and children in Nebraska.

So, like I said, join our “5 for Life Club” and be part of a community across the state which is seeking to impact voters across the state.

If 5,000 of us join the 5 for Life Club, we’ll be able to speak to more than half a million people between now and Election Day. This is no small number and could be the difference between a Nebraska that chooses life or a Nebraska that adopts a culture of abortion.

If you want to join the Club, please e-mail and write: Count Me In!

Know of our prayers as you seek to have these meaningful conversations for the sake of human life! God bless!

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