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As the days wind down

Every now and then, because so many different things are going on, it’s best to use my column as an opportunity to talk about several things at once. And this is one of those times.

Launch of Resources to Defeat Pro-Abortion Ballot Measure. Over the last several months, Catholics have been asking the Nebraska Catholic Conference about the pro-abortion ballot initiative that was launched in November. People are eager to learn about it, why it’s a problem, and how we need to respond to it as Catholics. During a busy legislative session, we recently issued some materials to help Catholics be educated, engaged, and equipped to defeat this ballot effort.

At our website,, you can find two different one-page flyers that can be read and distributed wherever you think it’s a good idea. Our “Where Does It Say That?” one-pager walks you through the ballot proposal language and identifies its key problems. Our “Explaining the Pro-Abortion Ballot Initiative” one-pager explores the broader problems with the proposal and helps people understand why the proposal is dangerous, deceptive, and demeaning. I highly encourage you to save these one-pagers on your phone or carry them around with you. We also have some social media graphics that can be shared.

Right now, we are asking four things from Catholics. First, pray and fast for the defeat of this pro-abortion ballot effort. Second, spread the word by talking to three to five people per week about why this ballot measure is too extreme for Nebraska—and use the one-pagers to help you do this. Third, sign up as a volunteer to use your talents and gifts to help defeat the initiative proposal. Fourth, reach out to the NCC and let us know that you would like us to make a presentation at your parish about defeating the pro-abortion ballot measure.

You can expect more resources in the days and weeks and months ahead of us, but these are some important resources to start with.

While this proposal is a grave threat to life and human dignity in our state, we are eager to seize this opportunity to catechize our neighbors, advocate for life, and ultimately bring Christ to others. Thank you for doing your part.

Catholics at the Capitol a Success. On March 6, nearly 250 Catholics gathered in the lower level of St. Mary Church in Lincoln for our annual advocacy day, Catholics at the Capitol. We had attendees from nearly all 49 legislative districts across Nebraska. We were thrilled to have such a great turnout. It is a sign of our attendees’ faithfulness to God and the call to be involved in the political arena.

Attendees heard from the governor and four state senators (Senators Carolyn Bosn, Lou Ann Linehan, Mike McDonnell, and Steve Halloran) about important public policy matters going on in Nebraska. We discussed the pro-abortion ballot effort and important pro-life measures, school choice legislation, and how to be effective advocates with your state senator. In addition, our attendees had a chance to meet with their state senators, so they could put their knowledge about legislation into action.

On top of all this, we had a very special moment. We held Eucharistic Adoration in the Warner Chamber of the State Capitol. The Warner Chamber was once one of our two legislative chambers when Nebraska had a two-house system. It was incredible to not only bear the light of Christ in the public square, but to bring Jesus Christ Himself into the public square.

We had a powerful opportunity to pray for our elected officials just 50 yards away from where the Nebraska Legislature conducts its everyday business.

We hope you’ll join us for next year’s event to make it even bigger and better as we enter into our 11th year of hosting the event. Thanks to all who joined us for this special 10th anniversary advocacy event.

The Days Are Winding Down. By the time you read this column, the Nebraska Legislature will only have 12 more days of legislative session remaining. These “short” (60-day) sessions feel like a dead sprint, and once you get to the last days of session everybody is running full speed ahead toward the finish line. As the legislative session winds down, there are still major issues to be debated, such as school choice legislation. Please join our advocacy network at so we can alert you to any remaining major action items in the waning days of the session. God bless your advocacy!

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