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A hodgepodge of thoughts!

A hodgepodge of thoughts, Tom… is that the best you have for us this week? And the answer is “Yes! That’s the best I have!” I now invite you into my stream of consciousness and hear what I have to say about some important, slightly related topics. Unlike the Grateful Dead, it won’t be a long, strange trip, it’ll be a short, informative, out and back.

Thought #1:
Keep Declining to Sign.

The inimical effort to gather signatures to repeal the Opportunity Scholarships Act (LB753) is less than two weeks away from the Aug. 30 deadline. In the waning days of opponents' petition gathering efforts, there’ll be renewed attempts to scramble for signatures. If approached to sign a petition to repeal LB753, please DECLINE TO SIGN! LB753 ensures that parents—especially low-income families and other vulnerable student populations—have more access to scholarship opportunities to choose a school that is best for them. Parents have the fundamental right to direct their child’s education; let’s make sure we secure that right by keeping LB753 in place!

Thought #2:
Schools Don’t Own Kids.

Throughout this attempt to repeal LB753, there seems to be a misplaced sentiment that public schools have a right to students attending their schools. Or, put another way: it’s presumed kids belong in public schools. Public schools are obviously important and serve an important purpose and the common good. However, no school has a right to a child. Schools are at the service of parents and kids. Schools have a duty to co-educate alongside parents. But it is parents who are the first and primary educators of their children. This is a God-given and serious responsibility of parenthood. A society that does not honor parents as the first and primary educator of their children by advancing school choice, is a society with a fundamental flaw. Let’s not be that kind of society. As the saying goes, we can do better.

Thought #3:
Be a Missionary of Mercy.

There is still a chance to register—last-minute—for one of the two post-abortion healing ministry orientations that will take place Aug. 22 (Gretna) or Aug. 23 (North Platte). We will soon be re-launching post-abortion healing ministry in Nebraska. To do this, we need laity, clergy and religious, and mental health practitioners who are educated and equipped to help women and men who are suffering from post-abortion trauma. We need people who can be missionaries of God’s infinite and overflowing mercy, to proclaim to those in need that His mercy endures forever and that no sin—including abortion—is unforgiveable! Please register at

Thought #4:
Come Party with the Bishops!

The annual Bishops’ Pro-Life Banquet and Conference is around the corner. It’s crazy to talk about October being here soon, but the fact is: it is! This year’s banquet and conference is themed: The Truth Will Set You Free. It is Oct. 6 and 7, and will take place in Lincoln at the Embassy Suites. The banquet is one of my favorite events. It’s a celebration with hundreds of your closest pro-life friends across the state of Nebraska, coming together to honor the incredible work being done for the Gospel of Life! And the conference is a great way to “bulk up” on your pro-life knowledge and get familiar with other issues we are working hard on at the Nebraska Catholic Conference. Don’t miss out—register for either or both events at

Thought #5:
I’ll Take Some Prayers.

A few days after this column hits your mailboxes, my wife, Makayla, and I will be welcoming another little girl into our life. She’s due on the Queenship of Mary (Aug. 22)! I would be missing out on an opportunity for grace if I didn’t ask for the prayers of thousands of southern Nebraska Catholics. In your charity, say a prayer for a safe delivery, healthy and swift recovery for Makayla, and that our 2-year old boy, Anthony, doesn’t feel too neglected, no longer being the spoiled youngest child!

Keep up the good work in the Lord’s vineyard and God bless you for taking this journey through my mind!

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