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MEDIA STATEMENT: Nebraska Catholic Conference Responds to Lack of Legislative Support for Special Session on Abortion Restrictions

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For Immediate Release:
August 8, 2022

Media Release: 
Nebraska Catholic Conference Responds to Lack of Legislative Support for a Special Session on Abortion Restrictions

LINCOLN - Speaker of the Legislature Mike Hilgers delivered a letter to Governor Ricketts indicating that 30 Nebraska state senators supported the adoption of a 12-week abortion restriction through a special legislative session. Due to the lack of support to overcome a filibuster, Governor Ricketts announced that he would not call the Nebraska Legislature into a special session.

In response to this announcement, Marion Miner, Associate Director of Pro-Life & Family Policy for the Nebraska Catholic Conference, issued the following statement:

“Every day the abortion industry continues to operate legally in Nebraska, it takes the lives of preborn children and preys and profits on the suffering of women.

Sadly, the abortion extremism of a small number of Senators will result in further suffering and loss of preborn human life in Nebraska. Only 10% of countries worldwide allow abortion after 15 weeks. Nebraska’s 20-week abortion law now remains one of the most permissive and extreme in the world. 

The Nebraska Catholic Conference will continue to work tirelessly with all Senators and Nebraskans to uphold human dignity in the law. We envision a Nebraska where our elected representatives protect human life rather than the profits of predatory abortion providers. We sincerely thank Governor Ricketts and Speaker Hilgers for their leadership, as well as the 30 Nebraska State Senators who would have fought for babies and moms during a special legislative session."

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