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A better Nebraska without abortion

The Nebraska Legislature will soon debate and vote on LB933, the Human Life Protection Act, and your action is needed now.

It’s time for change
Surgical and medication abortions take an average of 2,000 preborn lives in Nebraska every year, and victimize a similar number of post-abortive women and men. Since 1973, nearly 200,000 lives have been lost to abortion in Nebraska alone. That’s 10% of our state population. In the almost 50 years since Roe v. Wade, abortion providers have profited from the manipulation of our neighbors, and from a lack of protections for all human life.

Enough is enough.

It is time for Nebraska to be a state that fully protects human dignity.

We envision a Nebraska where every life is celebrated, valued, and protected
The Nebraska Legislature has the opportunity to bring this vision to life with LB933, the Human Life Protection Act.

Since Roe v. Wade, states have been severely restricted in their ability to protect all preborn human lives from the atrocity of abortion. But Roe v. Wade is on its last leg. The United States Supreme Court is considering Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a historic case that could bury Roe forever and restore Nebraska’s authority to protect preborn life.

In anticipation of this decision, Senator Joni Albrecht introduced LB933, the Human Life Protection Act, to guarantee the right to life for all Nebraskans. This critical legislation has been personally prioritized by the Speaker of the Legislature, Senator Mike Hilgers, which guarantees the bill will be debated this legislative session.

Life is a human right and it’s time to make it official
LB933 is designed to guarantee the right to life of each human being in Nebraska. Taking effect if and when Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey are overturned, the Human Life Protection Act would extend legal protection from abortion to every person at the moment of conception.

Twelve states have passed similar laws protecting life from the moment of conception in the event the right to life of the preborn is returned to the states to decide. Several states around Nebraska have passed such laws and without this critical protection for the preborn, Nebraska would become an abortion destination in our region.

Preparing for a post-Roe Nebraska

While there are robust regulations on abortion in Nebraska, including informed consent and parental notification, current law allows abortion up to 20 weeks post-fertilization. The Human Life Protection Act will close that gap, and will ensure that all Nebraskans are celebrated, valued, and protected from the moment of conception.

What will the Human Life Protection Act do?
LB933 will make Nebraska abortion-free after Roe is overturned, and will protect preborn life by doing four key things. First, it will prohibit abortionists from providing or carrying out any form of abortion on preborn humans in Nebraska. This protection applies to each human being from the moment of conception.

Second, LB933 would take immediate effect if and when Roe v. Wade is overturned, eliminating the usual concerns that this pro-life legislation is unconstitutional.

Third, it provides criminal penalties applicable only to abortionists or abortion providers who are in violation of the law. A violation of the Human Life Protection Act would be classified as a Class IIA felony, with penalties including prison time and fines. LB933 states that no woman upon whom an abortion is performed shall be liable for performing or attempting to perform an abortion.

Fourth, LB933 would provide for life-saving medical intervention when the life of the mother is in danger of serious harm or death. It also provides that physicians do everything medically reasonable and necessary to save the life of the mother and child.

Take action now
Innocent, preborn children need you to be their voice, and your State Senator needs to hear from you. Legislative floor debate on LB933 is right around the corner and your action is needed right away. We encourage you to text LIFE to 50457 to join our advocacy network or visit to do the same.

As Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley frequently says, “Legislative issues are won by those who show up to the Capitol.” And to quote Pope Francis: “A good Catholic meddles in politics.” So be a good Catholic and meddle in politics! Contact your State Senator and use your voice to help Nebraska abandon abortion and embrace women. We can build a Nebraska where every human life is celebrated, valued, and protected.

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