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Lincoln, NE: "Dangerous, Deceptive, Demeaning: Defeating the Pro-Abortion Ballot Initiative"

Saturday, June 22, 2024Sunday, June 23, 2024
North American Martyrs Catholic Church
1101 Isaac Dr
Lincoln, NE 68521

Join us at NAM for a presentation and discussion on Nebraska's pro-abortion ballot measure: "Dangerous, Deceptive, Demeaning: Defeating the Pro-Abortion Ballot Initiative." Hosted by the Nebraska Catholic Conference and North American Martyrs on June 22nd and June 23rd, this free event aims to provide essential insights into the proposed initiative and mobilize community opposition to protect life in Nebraska!

A brief pulpit explanation will be made at ALL weekend Masses followed by donuts and further discussion + Q&A.


The NCC has been closely monitoring efforts to insert a right to abortion into the Nebraska State Constitution. This initiative poses a significant threat to both women and babies, and it undermines the dignity of every human life. We must mobilize our community in opposition to this dangerous deceptive, demeaning initiative. We will get you educated, engaged, and equipped to act on the measures before us.


- Understanding the Initiative: Gain insights into the pro-abortion ballot initiative and its potential impact on our state, along with an overview of the alternative pro-life ballot initiative.
- Effective Strategies: Discover how you can contribute to protecting life in Nebraska through prayer, grassroots advocacy, and community involvement.
- Q&A Session: Bring your questions and concerns - our experts are here to address them.


This event is free of charge and open to everyone, Catholics and non-Catholics alike! Spread the word by sharing this event with your friends, family, and community members.


If you're unable to attend this presentation, explore our event calendar for upcoming presentations near you.

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