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Social Media Surge

School choice in Nebraska is under attack. Make your voice heard by showing your support for educational choice!

Social Media Surge: Keep Kids First!

Please use the following social media graphics, hashtags and sample captions to show your support for school choice. Personalize your posts with your school choice story.





Social Media Graphics

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Social Media Captions

Kids get one shot at their K-12 education. Right now, it's up to us to make sure kids, especially those from low-income families, get the best education that fits their needs. #KeepKidsFirst

The power to shape our children's education lies in our hands. Decline to sign the petition to repeal LB753 and stand up for school choice in Nebraska. Let's give every child a chance to thrive! #KeepKidsFirst #DeclineToSign

Limiting school choice means limiting opportunities for success. Say no to the repeal petition and help us build a stronger educational system that benefits all students. Together, we can make a difference! #DefendSchoolChoice #KeepKidsFirst

Our children deserve the best educational options available. Join the movement to protect school choice in Nebraska and ensure every student can reach their full potential. #KeepKidsFirst #DeclineToSign

Empower parents and students with the freedom to choose their education! Stand with Keep Kids First and decline to sign the petition to repeal school choice in Nebraska. #KeepKidsFirst #DefendSchoolChoice

Quality education should never be a privilege for a few. Say no to the repeal petition and stand up for equal access to educational options in Nebraska. Join the fight for school choice! #DeclineToSign #KeepKidsFirst

Every child deserves a safe and inclusive learning environment. Opportunity Scholarships offer children facing bullying or harassment a chance to attend schools where they can feel safe and thrive. Let's stand up against bullying and support #OpportunityScholarships!

Opportunity Scholarships are a beacon of hope for children from low-income backgrounds, offering them a chance to break free from poverty's grip. Let's support these scholarships and uplift the dreams of our young ones. #OpportunityScholarships #DeclinetoSign #KeepKidsFirst

Military families face unique challenges, including frequent relocations. Opportunity Scholarships provide stability and continuity in education, ensuring that children from military families receive the support they need during transitions. #DeclinetoSign #KeepKidsFirst

Opportunity Scholarships break down barriers for children in poverty, opening doors to a world of possibilities. Let's invest in their future and give them the tools they need to succeed. Every child deserves an equal chance to thrive! #DeclinetoSign #KeepKidsFirst

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