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2016 Legislation

2016 Legislation

Sanctity of Human Life

LB 1056 (Oppose) This bill, introduced by Sen. Ernie Chambers, proposes to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide. Proponents are relentless in their efforts to legalize assisted suicide state by state and they have some momentum after California legalized it last fall. The Judiciary Committee will conduct a public hearing on LB 1056 on Wednesday, February 24, at 1:30 pm.

Text of LB 1056
Analysis of the LB 1056

Educational materials for LB 1056:

LB 767 (Support) Introduced by Sen. Tommy Garrett, this bill would ban “dismemberment abortions” commonly referred to as D&E (Dilation and Evacuation) which involves dismembering a living unborn child and removing it piece by piece. The Judiciary Committee will conduct a public hearing on March 2nd.

Text of LB 767

LB 768 (Support) LB 768 would authorize a “Choose Life” license plate in Nebraska. The Transportation Committee held a hearing on this bill on February 9th.   LB 768 requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to design license plates to be known as “Choose Life” License Plates. The design shall reflect support for the protection of Nebraska’s children, both born and unborn.

Text of LB 768
NCC Testimony in support of LB768

LB 891 (Support) This bill serves expectant and new mothers and fathers receiving a screening or diagnostic test result not only by ensuring they receive up-to-date medical information, but by providing information for local support groups who can accompany families during an emotionally-filled experience. This support often brings hope into the situation, and provides the confidence to raise their child despite the challenges Down syndrome may bring.  Overall, LB891 provides an excellent opportunity to provide timely knowledge and support to families at a critical time in their life.

Text of LB 891
Testimony in support of LB 891


LB 586 (Oppose) This bill would make “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” protected classifications under Nebraska’s employment laws. This bill was introduced last year and was debated for a few hours before being pulled from the agenda because of insufficient votes to advance it. It carried over to this year’s session and Sen. Adam Morfeld, its introducer, has prioritized guaranteeing it will receive further debate by the Legislature.

(Taken from 2015 Legislation summary)
 LB 586 – Prohibits discrimination in employment based on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” Introducer:  Sen. Adam Morfeld          Priortizer:  Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks Status: On General File. LB 586 was debated for four hours May 14, 2015 and then pulled from the agenda for the rest of the legislative session. There was one vote taken on a bad amendment offered only a few hours before by Sen. Kathy Campbell (a supporter of 586) that was presented as a “religious exemption”.  It provided a completely inadequate exemption and would have made the bill worse from our perspective. Thankfully, only 20 senators voted for this amendment. LB 586 was pulled from the agenda largely because this vote on the amendment made it evident that the bill did not have sufficient votes to advance. Since the bill was pulled and not voted down, it will carry over to next year’s session. This means it could be debated again next year if it gains sufficient support between now and then.

Text of LB 586.
More information on LB 586
NCC Testimony (2015)

LB 943 and LB 944 (Oppose) These two bills, introduced by Sen. Matt Hansen, propose to replace the terms “husband” and “wife” with “spouse” and “mother” and “father” with “parent” in all Nebraska statutes. These bills were prompted by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges ruling redefining marriage.

The Conference opposes any changes made to conform Nebraska’s statutes to Obergefell. Five Supreme Court justices wrongly declared same-sex unions to be the equivalent of marriage. Nebraska should not ascribe moral legitimacy to an erroneous judicial opinion by enshrining that opinion in the state’s democratically–passed laws.

Text of    LB 943    and   LB 944
NCC Testimony in opposition to LB 943
NCC Testimony in opposition to LB 944

LR 389 CA (Oppose) This bill, introduced by Sen. Burke Harr, proposes to place on the ballot in November the question of whether Nebraskans want to remove the Constitutional amendment that recognizes marriage as a union of one man and one woman. This bill was also prompted by the Obergefell ruling.

Although Nebraska’s Constitutional amendment on marriage is not enforceable because of Obergefell, there is no legal reason for it to be formally removed. If a future Supreme Court were to overturn Obergefell, Nebraska’s Constitutional amendment would again be the law in our state.

Text of LR 389 CA
NCC testimony in opposition to LR 389 CA

LB 975 (Support) This bill, introduced by Sen. Mark Kolterman, would prohibit the state from taking an adverse action against a foster care or adoption provider for declining to provide a child welfare service that conflicts with the provider’s sincerely held religious beliefs.

Child placing agencies in other states have been forced out of providing services to children because of policy decisions made by state or local government which lacked protections for faith-based agencies.

Text of LB 975

Assisting those in Poverty

LB 701 (Support) Introduced by Sen. Heath Mello, LB701 removes the sunset provision on a program that that allows recipients of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) to use hours the recipient spends working towards an associate’s degree, diploma, or certificate to count towards the recipient’s work activity requirement.

Text of LB 701
NCC testimony in support of LB 701

LB 1036 (Support) Introduced by Sen. Kathy Campbell, this bill proposes reforms to payday lending businesses. It would allow affordable payments over time and cap the interest that can be charged at 36 percent per annum and maximum monthly maintenance fee of $20.

Text of LB 1036
NCC testimony in support of LB 1036

LB 690 (Support) Introduced by Sen. Adam Morfeld, this bill removes the prohibition on eligibility for SNAP (food assistance) benefits for persons who have three or more felony convictions for possession or use of a controlled substance or have been convicted of a felony involving the sale or distribution of a controlled substance.

Text of LB 690


LB 947 (Support) Introduced by Sen. Heath Mello, this bill declares that a person who is work authorized is eligible to obtain a professional or commercial license in order to practice his or her profession. The categories of eligible individuals exactly mirrors the population that were granted eligibility to secure a motor vehicle operator’s license or state identification card in 2015 through LB 623, a bill supported by NCC.

Text of LB 947

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