Current Legislation

Nebraska's 105th Legislature

2018 Legislation

New bills will be introduced January 3 - January 17. 

More information coming soon!

2017 Legislation

  • Would create "Choose Life" license plate for motor vehicles. Funds received from the plates would go to the Child Abuse Prevention Fund.

  • Would enact a tax credit for donations to a scholarship granting organization, that would in turn provide private-school scholarships for low- and middle-income families.

  • LB312 – Eliminates sales tax exemptions for schools - Oppose

    Would eliminate sales tax exemptions for school lunches, admission to school events, and prepared food or food ingredients purchased by schools, including private schools.

  • LB450 – Doctor-Prescribed Suicide – Oppose

    Designed to create immunity for doctors assisting suicides of patients believed to have less than six months to live. Doctors could prescribe lethal prescriptions that patients would take on their own.

  • LB506 – Compassion and Care for Medically Challenging Pregnancies – Support

    Provide mothers with information about perinatal hospice care services, including mental, physical, emotional and spiritual support at the time their unborn child is diagnosed with a lethal fetal abnormality. Seeks to provide mothers and families with information to continue their pregnancies with the best healthcare available.

  • LB529 – Broader authorization of Judicial Bypass for Abortion – Oppose

    Expands ability of minors who have been refused parental consent, and others deemed incapacitated and appointed a guardian, to obtain an abortion through a judicial bypass.

  • LB173 – Prohibit Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity – Oppose

    Seeks to add gender identity and sexual orientation as protected classes under state employment nondiscrimination law. The bill lacks robust religious liberty exemptions for people of faith or faith-based employers.

Additional bills

  • LB194 – Regulations on Payday Lenders – Support
  • LB120 – Expanding Contraceptive Services – Oppose
  • LB446 – Repeal the Death Penalty – Support
  • LB62 – Repeal a Provision that Prohibits Public School Teachers from Wearing Religious Garb – Support
  • LB289 – Increase Penalties for Human Sex Trafficking – Support
  • LB407 – Create Whiteclay Public Health Emergency Task Force – Support

Past Sessions

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